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PSC. 2 REVISED 2007 REPUBLIC OF KENYA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF KENYA APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT FORM Please complete this form in BLOCK letters as appropriate and submit to the Secretary Public Service Commission of Kenya P. O. BOX 30095 00100 NAIROBI KENYA or apply On-line via the Commission s Website www. publicservice. go. ke 1. Vacancy Applied For Vacancy/Post. Vacancy No. Ministry/Local Authority. Department. 2. Personal Details Name of applicant. PSC. 2 REVISED 2007 REPUBLIC OF...
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Who needs a Kenya Form PSC.2?

This form should be used by an applicant for a vacant position in Kenyan ministry or other local authority branch in order to pass the employee's evaluation.

What is Kenya Form PSC.2 for?

The employer’s commission investigates this application for compliance with the requirements for the open position. If an applicant meets the requirements, they have every right to be selected among other candidates on the basis of a public competition. In other cases, the application will be denied and the position will be taken by a more suitable candidate.

Is Kenyan Form PSC.2 accompanied by other forms?

At the application stage, you are not required to accompany this form by additional documents. However, if you meet the requirements of the employer, you will have to provide the original documents to be recruited.

When is Kenyan Form PSC.2 due?

You can submit this form during the whole period until the vacancy you are interested in is not closed.

How do I fill out Kenyan Form PSC.2?

You should fill out the following paragraphs in order to complete the form:

  • Vacancy Applied For (including vacancy no. and name of the ministry);
  • Personal details (specifying name, nationality, and address of the applicant);
  • Information on applicants in the Public Service only;
  • Information on applicants in Private/NGO or other sectors;
  • Other details (indicating the knowledge of other languages, previous criminal offenses, etc.);
  • Summary of qualifications (education background, other relevant courses);
  • Employment Details;
  • Personal References.

Where do I send Kenyan Form PSC.2?

Once completed and signed, this form should be directed to the head of the department which announced the vacant position.

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